Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts!!!

1. Stained Glass Windows

I used this template from ,  I had my aide cut out the star before hand (as my students are only 5yrs). The students used oil pastels to colour the window in and then used cellophane and stuck it on the back for the star.

Looks so effective all together like this.

2. Marble Art Candy Canes

For some unknown reason, my students have loved any marble art activity and even ask for everything to be done using the marbles.

For these we chose either red or white paper. We had to be careful to use the opposite colour paint!

I just hung them straight up, but I have seen nice poems to go with this artwork.

3. Class Christmas Tree

This was a complete mess! But the end result was worth it.

Each student had an equilateral triangle that they decorated. Then we put them all together to make a class one. Awww – so pretty. I got this idea off pinterest!

4. Angel bobble heads

This worked so well. My teacher aide actually found this idea online and showed me. It did require some preparation. I had to print pictures of every students head and cut them out first. The students traced their hands and one foot and put them all together to make a “bobble headed angel”. Very Veggietales like I think.

5. Tissue Paper Angels

6. Glittery Stars

These stars were messy to make! We cut out 2 star shapes from yellow card and then glittered them (some students were very heavy handed with the glue and glitter!). Then we cut up the middle of each star and slide them together to make it 3D. They all hang along the wire in the classroom at different lengths and move in the breeze. So pretty!


We had to be clever and find places to put all this work to dry every day. We had glue, glitter and paint EVERYWHERE!

I love it! Best part of teaching – getting messy and being creative.

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

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