Thursday, 26 December 2013

Five for Friday - Linky Party 18th Oct 2013

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.

Here goes...

1. Spring Fair 

Our school had its Spring Fair on Saturday - boy was it huge! The kids had such a ball. There were carnival rides, dunk a teacher, animals, stalls, face painting, more stalls, competitions and of course- performances. My wonderful students danced to Bible Bop by Go Fish and sang to I Can Sing a Rainbow (with Auslan Sign Language). They did so well.

I don't have any photos of their performance :( but I do have pictures of the artwork they created to sell to parents. We put masking tape over a canvas, painted each section a different colour, added some texture prints and then removed the tape.

2. Lesson on Fluent Readers.

I had a brilliant, aha! lesson on Tuesday about fluency. 

3. Colour by Sight Word

We did some colour by sightword fun!

4. Testing

It is term 4 here in Australia, which means end of year reports. Blah! I have been testing students on numeracy skills all week - soooooo over it...

But, in general, my class are meeting expectations so far, so I'm a happy teacher :)

5. Lack of Sleep

This week has been characterised by all as a "tired week". After the festival on the weekend, everyone (students and staff) started the week tired. Then came, staff meetings, professional development meetings, more staff meetings, Bible College class, and updating Report Card subject overviews. Not to mention a normal week of teaching, testing, students having allergic reactions during a lockdown drill, students walking into poles and cracking their heads, and students so tired they are constantly at each others throats!

So glad it's the weekend. Hopefully all students (and me!) catch up on sleep and can start next week fresh. We have a student free day on Monday, so it's looking good!

In the meantime,

  Stay joyful!

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