Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Inquiry and Reflection Skills- Posters and Worksheets

Hello all!

I was de-cluttering my teaching resource boxes and came across these:

I made them when I was a student teacher for a science unit on insects. Posters like these are so handy to re-use each year for different things so I thought I would update them and let you all have a FREE copy too. Click here to get your FREE COPY!
inquiry and reflection science posters

I printed them out on coloured paper, cut and laminated and then stuck a magnet on the back so I could use them on the whiteboard at school.

I also created worksheets to go with the posters which you can download from my TpT store.

inquiry and reflection science worksheets

They are designed to help scaffold and build important inquiry and reflection skills in students. The worksheets get students thinking about their learning in meaningful ways.
Simple enough for younger students to engage with, but relevant even for older students to benefit from.
Included are posters:
*What did you learn?
*What did you discover?
*It makes me wonder...
*It makes me feel...
*It makes me think...
*It reminds me of...
*How could we find out more?
*Who could we ask for more information?
*What will I do with this new information?

Hope you find these FREE posters useful! Make sure to get the WORKSHEETS to use with them.
Stay joyful :)

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