Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Currently

It's February, which means time to link up with Farley!

Here goes:

Listening - I just got home from work, so the peace and quiet is beautiful!

Loving - Our puppy has taken to showing her love for us by running up and putting one paw over our legs and her head in our laps when we are sitting on the couch. Today it escalated to completely jumping on the couch and rolling straight over on her back to get a belly rub. She was soooo happy to see me :)

Thinking - For me, the school year started last week. I am still getting to know my new bright eyed Preppies.

Wanting - chocolate!!!! I love chocolate!!!

Needing - sleep. Goes hand in hand with it being the beginning of the school year :)

2 Truths and a Fib: I only have 3 coffee's a day (false - coffee gives me migraines!). The other two are true! P.S I love cucumber as much as I like chocolate. Is that weird?

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Till next time,

Stay joyful!


  1. It's not weird to love cucumbers as much as chocolate. I'd say I'm with you on that one. Don't know what it is, but cukes are good stuff!

  2. I actually love cucumbers, too! Congrats on your new class! I hope you have a great year.