Saturday, 22 February 2014

Five for Friday - 21st Feb 2014
It certainly has been a busy week! Here's  little snapshot into what happened:

1. Olympics Literacy Activity

I started using my Winter Sport Fun Literacy Pack this week. You can view a more detailed post here.
2. History Timelines

In Prep it is very difficult to explain the concept of timelines and past, present, future. So I have made this monthly timeline where I add photos of significant events in that month. We talk about it every week. I move the labels (past, present, future) along each time we change months.

3. Valentines

This is what my students did last week for Valentines (I forgot to upload a picture last week!).

We also made these books but I have no photos of them. Sorry!

4. Batty Lizards

My school recently purchased this puzzle. It is great for fine motor, visual learners, talking about shapes, tessellation - so many things! My students LOVE them!

5. Numicon

Another great resource our school has brought is Numicon. It is a numeracy resource kit. It comes as a whole pack with a teachers kit as well as a class kit. I borrowed these strips from another teacher with scanned images of the Numicon boards. The students had to match the piece to the picture, count and write.

Ahh, now to recover over the weekend!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

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  1. I love your stuff from Numicon...I have never heard of this before and will have to check it out! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!