Saturday, 8 February 2014

Five for Friday - 7th Feb 2014

Phew, I made it to Friday :) Let's just say it was one of those weeks where time didn't go fast enough! Despite the exhaustion - there are some good memories of this week. So, I'm linking up with DoodleBugs for a Five for Friday style look back.

1. Letter S craft

For the letter Ss this week we made Sailors in a submarine under the sea.

2. Letter A craft

We do two letters a week, so for the letter Aa, the students painted a wash over an apple to reveal a "hidden" message.

3. Re-organised the block shelf.

My students LOVE the blocks. I HATE the blocks due to the enormous time and effort (and many injuries) it takes to co-ordinate the pack up. So this week I told the students I would pack them up - they thought I'd gone crazy :) I was finally able to sort them into shelves properly and I took a photo and laminated it so that next time we can use it as a reference for where everything fits!

4. Got drawings from my 2013 preppies.

At our school the preps are in a fenced area, but our playground is right next to the Gr1-2. So my preppies from last year have been coming up to the fence and saying hi. I even got drawings from some girls. Made my day!

5. Valentines Activity planning.

I spent my non-contact time planning next weeks lessons. I then realised it is Valentine's Day next week. Luckily, I had made a valentines themed pack for TpT, so I quickly printed that out ready to use! I will also be doing this craft  but will be getting students to write the words themselves. Will post photos next week!
Till next time,

Stay joyful!

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