Saturday, 19 April 2014

Five for Friday - Easter Style!
Well, this post doesn't contain things from my past week as I have been on holidays! Seeing, as it's Easter weekend, I thought I would look back on all the Easter fun we had during our last week of Term 1.

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Sequencing the Easter Story

 I used these story cards and printed 4 to a page and copied enough to share between partners. We read the Easter Story, and then watched a short animated version of the Easter story ( I found a Beginner's Bible movie clip on Youtube). The students had to work together to sequence the story in order. They then retold the story to their partner and then we watched the video clip again to check!

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Easter Egg Positional Word Hunt

This was so much fun! While the students were out at a specialist lesson on the last day of school, I hid some plastic eggs around the room. When they came back I explained that they had to find 1 each and they had to remember exactly where they had found it.

 We are also learning about positional words in maths, so when everyone had found an egg we listed all the places we had found them and circled the positional words as reinforcement. They then traded their plastic egg for a small chocolate one from me as they went to pack their bags :)

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I mentioned a few crafts in my last Five for Friday post.

And, seeing as we were learning about the letter B that week, we also made bunnies!

I found the template off DLTK. Here's the end result...cute!

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Look at all the chocolate I was given by my students!!!! (And one adorable green grass-like bunny!)

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Easter Sunday Sale!!!!

Thanks to Glitter Meets Glue for the wonderful design!
easter sale button
That's right! To celebrate one of my favourite weekends ever, I am having a 20% sale off everything in my store!!! (I'm even extending the sale to Easter Monday ...just because I can!)

Now is the time to go like my TPT store and put your favourite items on wishlist ready to grab at the sale!

See you at the sale on Sunday!!!

Have a Happy Easter :)

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  1. That chocolate wouldn't last long at my house! I love the green bunny. What a cute gift!