Saturday, 24 May 2014

Five for Friday - 23rd May 2014

1. Letters, Words & Sentences!

I purchased this fabulous product  by my favourite blogger: Lauren from Love, Learning and Laughter in Prep.

My students absolutely loved the cutting and pasting worksheet (included in product) to show me what they had learned (minus one little darling who needed some one on one attention!). The best part? They were so engaged that it was the calmest my classroom has been all week! Love it!

Thanks Lauren :)

2. 'Ch' activities

This week we have been looking at the digraph 'ch'.

I usually make chickens as the craft, but this year I decided on something different. I saw this idea originally here. I was in such a rush when I saw it that I didn't think to click on the image, and if I had, I would have potentially saved some time by grabbing the product which helps make these crafts! Oh well...

Here's how mine turned out:

The students traced the words I like to drink hot chocolate....and then finished the sentence.

3. C4 & P4 by Linda Cowen

I read this book to the class this week.
We had fun following the adventures of the curious cats (and sneaky mice!). We also listed the rhyming words we found. Oh, did I mention? My aunty is the author and illustrator :)

4. Therapressure

This week I had to start Therapressure with my student who has Sensory Processing Disorder. Basically, I have to "brush" him on his hands 3 times a day with a soft bristled brush. I have been doing a bit of research into this - apparently it helps desensitize them and releases endorphins that calm them down. Whatever works, I say!

The negative though, is that is takes time. But, I would rather be experiencing inconvenience because I had to step into the adjourning office for 2 mins to brush him, then experience the alternative to him not being calm.

5. Birthday Surprise for a Student!

This was such a lovely way to end my busy week. His mum works full time and can't usually get time off to come in and be a parent helper in the classroom. But because it was his birthday, she wrangled for an hour off to come in and surprise him by not only helping with our maths rotations - but by bringing chocolate covered doughnuts for everyone. Yum!

You should have seen his smile :)

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Five for Friday - 16th May 2014
Here's a quick look back into the week that's been:

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Our sound of the week was "sh". We did lots of Green Sheep activities this week, but sadly, no photos. I did however manage to get some photos of our "shells". The students were meant to make a pattern using crayons and then wash over with paint. Some forgot about the whole "patterning" part :)

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Number Bracelets

In maths, we have been learning about numbers 10-20. This number bracelets were actually a colleagues and I borrowed them for a lesson. Students count the beads on each bracelet and then record the number next to the corresponding letter on the recording sheet.

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Read to Someone

We have been practicing Read to Someone a lot this week.

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Working as a Team

My talented husband makes robots :) So, Happy came in today to help teach "teamwork". The students had to work as a team to build a maze for him, then the robot navigated the course (he is an autonomous robot) and eventually...made it out! The kids loved it and had lots to write about afterwards in their writing books.

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I discovered this amazing website through another blogger last weekend. It is fantastic for brain breaks. Basically, the class have a "champ" which they choose. Every time you complete an activity you earn points which make the champ grow bigger and you move up levels. My kids love it! Check it out here:

Best part is - it's FREE!!!!!!!!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Five for Friday - 9th May 2014

Well, technically it is Saturday, but whose checking?

Here is what I've been up to lately:

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Mother's Day Artwork

You can click here to read about how my class put these cute little owls together.

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Mother's Day Cards

We marble painted paper and then cut out hearts to glue on the front. They had to choose the right letters to make the word 'Mum'. I had a few 'Mmu's' and 'Wum's'! (Don't worry- I fixed them before they gave them to their mum's).

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My Preppies sang wonderfully at the Mother's Day Concert! So, so proud! We sang two songs - this lovey dovey one (we didn't have the video playing :)), and this hilarious one :)

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Letter Xx craft

We used white oil pastels to draw an x-ray of ourselves onto black card.

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Letter Yy Craft

Y is for Yellow! I let them go crazy with yellow collage materials. Surprisingly (for it being so simple)- they really enjoyed it and were very creative with their artworks. I had lovehearts, trees, icecream, fully yellow pages, door handles? yep that's what she said she made... so creative!

That's it for me. Hope you all spoil your mums rotten or get spoiled yourself!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

Handprint Owls

The school I teach at put on a special art show for the mother's each year.

This is what we did this year:

I take no credit for the design - I originally saw the idea here. Gotta love Pinterest for inspiration!

I changed a few things (used googly eyes instead of paper, let the kids choose yellow or orange for the beak/feet etc).

The steps:

1. Blue sky

Because I teach Preppies I had to really break down this art into small steps. The students painted a blue background and added bits of white to make it look sky-like.

2. Handprint

When the background was dry, we did the handprint. To make sure it was in the right place, I marked an arrow in pencil so the students knew where to put their hand and which direction to point their fingers. We did this one at a time to make sure it was a neat print as my students have a habit of getting distracted easily!

3. Tree

I drew an outline for the tree and made sure it would fit the page so that the handprint owls were "sitting" on the branch. I deliberately had few branches so that it was easy to cut out. The students painted it first, then cut it out once it was dry.

4. Eyes, nose, feet

This was the fun part! I spent an entire night using a tulip flower craft punch to make the feet ( cutting off the stem to leave behind the feet part), cutting out triangles and marking circles on paper for the students to cut.

They cut out the eyes, added googly eyes, and made the owl come to life with a beak and cute little feet.

5. Leaves

The next day, the students finger printed the leaves. They were only allowed to use their pointer finger so they had maximum control over the printing. I had a few students who were creative and had leaves "flying off the tree into the sky".

Are they not the cutest?

Hope you found some inspiration!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Currently May

I'm linking up with Farley for some currently fun!

Listening - It dropped suddenly to single digits! It went from nice summer weather to freezing winter overnight!!! The wind is howling right now - it is seriously strong wind!

Loving - We had some friends over for dinner last night and they brought chocolate for dessert. Better still, they left it behind for us :) ... well let's face!

Thinking - A child in my class was recently diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder as well as Autism. I have been spending many nights researching all I can about the two, particularly SPD as I am new to it. I saw some great ideas for calm down corner's on Pinterest so I am busy in creative mode trying to figure out how I can make it work for him, and the class.

Wanting - Let's face it, Term 2 reports are fast approaching, Mother's Day concert rehearsal's take up a lot of time, I now officially have 2 diagnosed with Autism, 1 with SPD, 1 possibly with ADHD and several really low academic students. So, you can imagine the workload is piling up! I need someone to do it all for me....or design a robot to do it. I don't mind..either will do!

Needing - As I mentioned earlier, the weather has drastically changed into winter weather and we are technically still in Autumn. But, then again, this is Queensland and we only get Summer and occasionally we may get a Winter. I need to find all my warm woolies quick smart!

Surprise! Big shout out to Lauren from Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep. As a fellow Aussie, I love having inspiration that I don't need to alter to suit our schools. Check out her blog!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!