Saturday, 24 May 2014

Five for Friday - 23rd May 2014

1. Letters, Words & Sentences!

I purchased this fabulous product  by my favourite blogger: Lauren from Love, Learning and Laughter in Prep.

My students absolutely loved the cutting and pasting worksheet (included in product) to show me what they had learned (minus one little darling who needed some one on one attention!). The best part? They were so engaged that it was the calmest my classroom has been all week! Love it!

Thanks Lauren :)

2. 'Ch' activities

This week we have been looking at the digraph 'ch'.

I usually make chickens as the craft, but this year I decided on something different. I saw this idea originally here. I was in such a rush when I saw it that I didn't think to click on the image, and if I had, I would have potentially saved some time by grabbing the product which helps make these crafts! Oh well...

Here's how mine turned out:

The students traced the words I like to drink hot chocolate....and then finished the sentence.

3. C4 & P4 by Linda Cowen

I read this book to the class this week.
We had fun following the adventures of the curious cats (and sneaky mice!). We also listed the rhyming words we found. Oh, did I mention? My aunty is the author and illustrator :)

4. Therapressure

This week I had to start Therapressure with my student who has Sensory Processing Disorder. Basically, I have to "brush" him on his hands 3 times a day with a soft bristled brush. I have been doing a bit of research into this - apparently it helps desensitize them and releases endorphins that calm them down. Whatever works, I say!

The negative though, is that is takes time. But, I would rather be experiencing inconvenience because I had to step into the adjourning office for 2 mins to brush him, then experience the alternative to him not being calm.

5. Birthday Surprise for a Student!

This was such a lovely way to end my busy week. His mum works full time and can't usually get time off to come in and be a parent helper in the classroom. But because it was his birthday, she wrangled for an hour off to come in and surprise him by not only helping with our maths rotations - but by bringing chocolate covered doughnuts for everyone. Yum!

You should have seen his smile :)

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

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