Saturday, 10 May 2014

Handprint Owls

The school I teach at put on a special art show for the mother's each year.

This is what we did this year:

I take no credit for the design - I originally saw the idea here. Gotta love Pinterest for inspiration!

I changed a few things (used googly eyes instead of paper, let the kids choose yellow or orange for the beak/feet etc).

The steps:

1. Blue sky

Because I teach Preppies I had to really break down this art into small steps. The students painted a blue background and added bits of white to make it look sky-like.

2. Handprint

When the background was dry, we did the handprint. To make sure it was in the right place, I marked an arrow in pencil so the students knew where to put their hand and which direction to point their fingers. We did this one at a time to make sure it was a neat print as my students have a habit of getting distracted easily!

3. Tree

I drew an outline for the tree and made sure it would fit the page so that the handprint owls were "sitting" on the branch. I deliberately had few branches so that it was easy to cut out. The students painted it first, then cut it out once it was dry.

4. Eyes, nose, feet

This was the fun part! I spent an entire night using a tulip flower craft punch to make the feet ( cutting off the stem to leave behind the feet part), cutting out triangles and marking circles on paper for the students to cut.

They cut out the eyes, added googly eyes, and made the owl come to life with a beak and cute little feet.

5. Leaves

The next day, the students finger printed the leaves. They were only allowed to use their pointer finger so they had maximum control over the printing. I had a few students who were creative and had leaves "flying off the tree into the sky".

Are they not the cutest?

Hope you found some inspiration!

Till next time,

Stay joyful!

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  1. I love this simple owl idea. We have owls visit the classroom each year, so this would be perfect. Thanks.
    Kidpeople Classroom