Friday, 25 July 2014

Five for Friday - 100th Day of Prep!

Today was our 100th day of Prep!!! 
So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a 100th day style Five for Friday.

1. 100 Creations
 The students had the option of bringing in a project made from 100 of "something". We had some incredibly creative ideas! One girl had sat up "all night long" (so she said), to cut out 100 paper people chains. That's dedication!

100 pictures, 100 petals, 100 paper punches, 100 paddle pop sticks, 100 Cheerios (to make an abacus), and 100 pieces of Lego.

2. 100 Year Olds
 I originally saw this idea from Howywood Kindergarten
First, they finished the sentence, "When I'm 100 years old...", then they crumpled up paper and flattened it to make a wrinkled face, added a semi circle for a shirt and then added details on the face using felt pens. I used white paint for the hair instead of cotton wool (because I had none!).

3. 100 Activities
 We practised counting in 10's up to 100 and then made ice-creams to go along with it. 
We also counted out 100 beads and timed each other to see who could do it the quickest.

4. 100 Songs 
 We sang lots of songs about the number 100. Thanks to GoNoodle's new feature where you can add your own YouTube clips, I had a few counting to 100 songs ready to go! And, because they were getting points to sing them, they were more than happy to count to 100 so many times!

5. 100th Day Party!!!
You can't have a 100th day without a party. We had SO.MUCH.FOOD! Seriously, I had trouble fitting it all on the tables. The kids kept coming back for seconds and thirds...until I shut the door and made them go run around outside and use up all that new sugary energy they had obtained from mountains of cupcakes and chocolate biscuits.
What a day!

Till next time, 
Stay joyful!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Five for Friday 18th July 2014

Here in Australia, it is the beginning of Term 3. For me, the students don't come back till next week as we have a full week of professional development and meetings this week. 

Here's what happened...

1. Windy Weather!
This past week has been freezing in Brisbane! It has also been incredibly windy. So windy in fact, that a branch was blown onto a powerline today and brought down the power for the whole suburb that my school is located... while we were all at school madly preparing for this coming Monday! No lights, no internet, no phones, no photocopying, no laminating.....not fun!

 2. Sugar Free - attempt
I have the biggest sweet tooth. I have been very well meaning in cutting back for so long now. I finally decided to try to do an artificial sugar "cleanse" for a few weeks. Well...failed 4 days in a row...noo!! I WILL complete 21 days of no articificial sugar.. (eventually).  

3. Digging Up CVC Words.
I finally printed my Digging up CVC Words pack ready to laminate and use this term.
So excited to use them!

4. Cleaning/Re-organising my classroom.
I have been inspired by all the classroom organisation blogs and back to school posts by all of you on the other side of the world :) So I did some "winter" cleaning/culling of my classroom. I moved around some furniture too. Fresh start to the term I say! I must remember to take before/after photos next time.

5. My SitSpots Arrived!!! 
That's by week done and dusted!
Till next time,
Stay joyful :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - Do Your Ears Hang Low?

I was recently given a stack of children's books for my birthday. This was one of them:
Do Your Ears Hang Low? (Published by Scholastic)
It is a classic children's song turned into a book. 
The first thing I did when reading this book was to put small post it notes over some words. We read the book and predicted what the covered words might be. Surprisingly, it took a while for them to catch on to the fact that I was covering the word that rhymed with the last word in the sentence above:) They were being so creative with their predictions, though!

Then we read it normally (and sung it!). 

I then gave them a "special listening activity" (aka mini test to see who knows what about sentence parts!)
I had typed out some sentences from the story. I stood in front of the class and gave them the "special instructions" for them to complete on their own. 
E.g Circle the capital letters/Underline the sight word your/cross out the question marks/colour the spaces yellow and so on.
They then drew a picture of what their ears could do. This students said, "My ears look like love hearts". :)

The students loved it so much and did so well on their "special listening activity" that I decided to spruce it up a bit and give it away for FREE for all my wonderful blog readers and Facebook Fans.
So, you can either click on the picture below to download the FREE Do Your Ears Hang Low Special Listening Activity.
 Or you can head over to Facebook, become a Fan (like Rainbow Lily Designs) and then click on the 'Freebie's for Fans' tab on the left hand side to get the activity.

Hope you find it useful!
Till next time, 

Stay joyful!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Five for Friday- 4th July 2014

This is what I've been up to this week:

1. Ordered SitSpots!

 I ordered dark blue and light blue circles to use on the carpet. I figured this would be an answer to all the fidgeting/I don't want to sit next to him/I'm saving this spot/I'm going to roll over backwards problems I've been having with my class on the carpet. 
I am so excited - I cannot wait for them to arrive!

2. Digging Up CVC Words - I Spy

I have been super productive so far on my holidays. I have had this idea in my head for a while and only now have had the time to make it. 

There are many ways to use it, but the way I am going to try first is to hide the laminated worms in a sandbox. The students can search for the worms, use a magnifying glass to read the cvc word and then record on one of the many worksheets included in the pack

3. Reflection Stickers - ACARA based

I have been thinking about a less time-consuming way to organise my student's portfolio pages to show the link to the Australian Curriculum. We also have to get students reflecting on their work to show how they think they went and what they can improve etc. 
So, I came up with these- Reflection Stickers for Prep/Gr1.

Included are stickers (using AVERY L7159 template) for students to self-assess their work using simple smiley faces, and also a sticker for EVERY ACARA outcome! 
All you have to do is print onto AVERY stickers and stick onto the student work/artwork/assessment peice/teacher resource etc. 

4. Blog Re-Design

If you are reading this post on my blog, you will be looking at my brand new blog design. My old blog had hosting issues so I needed to move to Blogger. And with the move, I decided to update my header and so on. 
I still have a few things to work's a work in progress! So I apologize if something isn't working properly yet. 

5. Holiday Plans
So far, apart from creating new TPT products and sleeping (a lot), I haven't done much at all.
I did catch up with my girlfriends over coffee. I even painted my nails a garnet red colour just for the occassion (that's a big deal because I never wear nailpolish!). 

I only have 1 more week of holidays left :( 

Till next time, 

Stay joyful!