Friday, 18 July 2014

Five for Friday 18th July 2014

Here in Australia, it is the beginning of Term 3. For me, the students don't come back till next week as we have a full week of professional development and meetings this week. 

Here's what happened...

1. Windy Weather!
This past week has been freezing in Brisbane! It has also been incredibly windy. So windy in fact, that a branch was blown onto a powerline today and brought down the power for the whole suburb that my school is located... while we were all at school madly preparing for this coming Monday! No lights, no internet, no phones, no photocopying, no laminating.....not fun!

 2. Sugar Free - attempt
I have the biggest sweet tooth. I have been very well meaning in cutting back for so long now. I finally decided to try to do an artificial sugar "cleanse" for a few weeks. Well...failed 4 days in a row...noo!! I WILL complete 21 days of no articificial sugar.. (eventually).  

3. Digging Up CVC Words.
I finally printed my Digging up CVC Words pack ready to laminate and use this term.
So excited to use them!

4. Cleaning/Re-organising my classroom.
I have been inspired by all the classroom organisation blogs and back to school posts by all of you on the other side of the world :) So I did some "winter" cleaning/culling of my classroom. I moved around some furniture too. Fresh start to the term I say! I must remember to take before/after photos next time.

5. My SitSpots Arrived!!! 
That's by week done and dusted!
Till next time,
Stay joyful :)


  1. If only the power line could have come down just hours before school started... Act of God days are always welcome :) And I went in yesterday to see that they've done the floors of my classroom so there's nothing stopping me from starting in with the reorganizing for this year... I'm happy... I guess... Nice to hear what's happening with you, Lily. Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I'm shocked at both the fact that you are starting school so soon and that windy weather is causing so much damage! Good luck!! And good luck with the no sugar thing...that would be hard!

    Crayons and Whimsy