Friday, 8 August 2014

Five for Friday 8/8/2014

I love being able to give highlights of my week by linking up with Kacey, from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

1. Ladybird Addition
We have been doing lots of practice with addition this week. I saw this on Pinterest, originally. They turned out so cute!

2 Questioning
This week we focused on asking questions when we read. I have been modelling how to question and the sorts of questions we can ask when reading until now.
On Wednesday, I read a book and stopped half way. I let the students ask some questions. I scribed them all of course! We then continued reading and realized that some questions we could answer by reading the book, others only the author could answer. I stuck all their questions on post it notes and referred to them as we went along. 

3. Fruit Loop Words
This week we covered long and short /oo/. And, because we had bags of fruit loops left over from our 100th day activities, what better way to use them to make /oo/ words!
Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos (I must get better at remembering to take photos!)
Basically, the students had pictures and they sounded them out, wrote the words, but instead of writing /oo/ they put fruit loops there instead.
We may have had a few fruit loops somehow end up into little mouths..."by accident". :)

4.Catching Up With Friends
I will admit that I've been super sneaky this week and scheduled this post, so I could spend the evening catching up with my best friends. :)

5. Long Weekend!
It's Ekka (Brisbane Exhibition) week next week. So I get a long weekend! Yay! Enough said :)

Till next time, 

Stay joyful!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Get ready for the big sale!

Although, it is not Back To School time here in Australia, it is in other parts of the world. 
So I'm joining in the fun by throwing a 20% off sale in my store during the TPT Back to School Storewide sale. 
That means if you use this code (BTS14) in my store you will get 28%off!

I can't wait to grab some bargains! I've already got quite a few things on my wishlist!

I wanted to share with you all a few of my products that might come in handy as you start the school year. 

No classroom is complete without a birthday wall and birthday treats ready for your students. I find it really helpful to make all the birthday certificates and treats at the beginning of the year, that way I don't need to think about it during the year!

Click on the pictures to put these on your wishlist, ready for the big sale!

#1 Birthday Month Posters:
I printed mine off two on a page, but you can use them however you want! I stuck each child's name along with their birthday on the correct month. It sits on the window that looks into my office (giving me a little privacy!). 

#2 Birthday Certificates:

 In this pack, you also get several options of bookmarks. I use the certificates and printed and wrote a generic message on each (with no name and just the year on it). I then laminated it and stuck some cute small rubbers on the back of each one. These all sit in a box on my desk ready to give out whenever a birthday arrives.

#3 Birthday Gift Tags:
These super cute gift tags are FREE! So you can grab them before the sale even starts! I designed these for those teachers that have such creative ideas for birthday gifts already. You simply print, cut and attach to your existing student gifts! 

While you're at my store, don't forget to grab these too:
Great to engage young learners to find, decode and record CVC words. They look even better printed on coloured paper and then laminated.
Numbers worksheets australian

This numbers product was one of the first I ever made-  have an "American" version in store too!

These Thinking Skills Worksheets go with my Thinking Skills Posters FREEBIE.

Thanks for sticking with me through the shameless plug of my products!  I hope you find some really great resources to use in your classroom during the big sale. I know I am really looking forward to it!

Stay joyful!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Currently August

Is it August already? 

Listening - I have been so busy at school this week that I neglected a lot of cleaning duties around the house. So right now, I am listening to the sound of the washing machine. 
Loving - The weather in Brisbane has been wonderful lately. Also, a bit weird though with a massive bushfire near my school resulting in a orange glow all day on Thursday. Made it feel like Christmas for some reason... I don't know why?
Thinking- Like I said before, it has been a very busy week. We have started Term 3 here, so things are gearing up for Grandparents Day, Sports Carnivals, Parent Teacher Interviews etc... 
Wanting- I have a copy of Good Health Magazine open on the sofa. It has sat there all week and I have not managed to progress any further. I just want to finish reading it, but I have more pressing work to do. You know how it is.
Needing - As always, more sleep! 
1st Day- It is in Jan sometime, I think from memory I went back on the 20th and the kids came back on the 27th. I could be wrong. It was a long time ago!

That's it for me. Link up with Farley to join in the fun.

Till next time, 
Stay joyful!