Friday, 19 September 2014

One Year Anniversary

I feel so bad - I have sort of neglected this blog for the past month or so! Life got REALLY busy for a while there, and now...well SPRING BREAK! Yep, 2 weeks holiday starting right now!

 1. Dinosaurs
This one is technically from a few weeks back :) 
The original idea is from here. Thanks Babbling Abby! I tried it with my students- they loved it!
"If I saw a dinosaur I will run away."
"If I saw a dinosaur I will scream and run."

2. There's A Wocket in my Pocket!
To reinforce the concept of rhyme I read Dr Seuss' book: There's A Wocket in my Pocket. We brainstormed words that rhymed with "pocket". Then they chose one word and drew a picture of it in a pocket. Below are: Flocket, Tocket and of course, Rocket in my pocket. I saw several good ideas on the internet and ended up making my own worksheet and finding some clipart of pockets to use.

#DrSeuss #rhyme #WocketInMyPocket

3. Jellybean Maths.
Today as a fun, "last day before holidays" activity I brought out the jellybeans. I wanted to revise a whole heap of maths activities so first they had to share the jellybeans equally. This was a very serious task. Every student was making sure every group had exactly the same amount. When you put lollies in the mix, suddenly they get the concept of being equal!
Then they sorted and made a addition story to match. You could incorporate subtraction as well (but we haven't learned about that yet.)
Then we recorded our findings on a graph.
#Jellybean #Maths

4. Holidays.
It's hard to imagine there is only 1 more term left to go for the school year! Having said that, the last term can wait for 2 weeks while I relax and try to do anything but schoolwork. :)

5. Anniversary SALE this weekend!

This weekend marks one year on TPT. So much has happened in that time that I wanted to celebrate. My entire store is 20% off all weekend. Ends 22/9/14. 

Rainbow Lily.

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