Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fun Rhyme "Snatcher" Games

Fun Kindergarten Rhyming Games. #Rhyme #RainbowLilyDesigns #education

My class love rhyming games, come to think about it, they love any game!
These "Rhyme Snatcher" games came about because of that love for both rhyming and games. I wanted something that could eventually be independantly done in a small group 
(after I had taught them to play appropriately, of course).

It all started with my dog. Yep, my dog. See, I had the idea of a new rhyme game in the back of my head, but I was stumped for a catchy name. Then one day I was telling my preppies about how my dog loves to pick up EVERY SINGLE leaf when we go for a walk. I showed them a photo of her carrying around a whole heap of leaves in her mouth. That's when one boy yelled out, "She's the leaf snatcher!" 

And the name stuck. 

Every teacher can adapt games to suit their class, but my preppies play this game by turning over a card and if it rhymes with their card they get to keep it. The winner is the first with all 4 rhyming cards or the one with the most cards when the time is up. You could also use the cards as flashcards, a word wall, memory games etc.
Excellent activity to go with the fall theme.  #rhyme #kindergarten #RainbowLilyDesigns

The pack includes 40 cards each with a different CVC word (4 from each word family). I laminated mine for durability. It also includes instructions and worksheets. The worksheets are differentiated so all your students can complete at their level. The simplest one is for students to record their words, the next is for students to record words and then generate more that rhyme, and the more challenging worksheet is for students to record, generate more and then put these into sentences. 

My class loved them so much I had to make more, so Cupcake Snatcher, Treasure Snatcher and Present Snatcher were born!

All the Rhyme Snatcher games work the same and include cards and worksheets. They just focus on a different set of words and have a different theme. 
Cupcake Snatcher uses of digraphs and blends. Treasure Snatcher  uses of CVCe words and Present Snatcher uses CVC words but with a christmas theme.

Cupcake themed rhyming game and worksheets #education #cupcakes #RainbowLilyDesigns
Pirate themed rhyming game and worksheets #education #pirates #RainbowLilyDesigns
Christmas themed rhyme game and worksheets #education #christmas #RainbowLilyDesigns

You can purchase the packs separately, or you can save money and purchase the bundle. 
Great rhyming games #education #teacherspayteachers #RainbowLilyDesigns

If you just want the Leaf Snatcher, it is on sale for October only. Grab it before it goes back to its original price!

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Stay joyful!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

October Currently

Wow! October already, that means I'm about to head in to the 4th and final term of school here in Australia. The final stretch!

Here's what I'm up to currently: 
(It feels odd that it is Spring where I am, however this linky is hosted by someone on the other side of the world, Farley). 

Listening- If you haven't already, you need to check out Kimberly Geswein's Podcasts about Inspiring Entreprenuers. Not only is she an amazing font artist, but she is totally authentic and inspiring! Check out the interview with Deanna Jump. Definitely inspiring! Okay, I'll stop with the word inspiring.

Loving- I woke up to an email alert saying I had reached 30 followers on Bloglovin! Yay! Okay, so for some of you that is small, but it's a personal milestone so I'm celebrating.

Thinking- September was my 1 year anniversary on TPT. So now that it is October, I am officially in my 2nd year of being a seller on TPT. Double yay! 

Wanting- Yeah, it's a little weird that I'm talking about Spring yet the currently is clearly meant for my northern hemisphere friends who are enjoying fall. But, regardless of the season, my holidays are coming to an end. Back to school next week for the final term.

Needing- I need to get out and go grocery shopping ASAP. Unless I want toast with vegemite for dinner, because that's all I've got. Yep, time to do the shopping.

Trick or Treat- TREAT! Because most of you reading this will be from the northern hemisphere I will discount my Fall themed game - Leaf Snatcher, ALL OCTOBER! 
It is a fun game that using simple CVC words to help students identify rhyming words.

Till next time, 
Stay joyful!