Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Writing Prompts

I'll be honest - this post was meant to be written a while ago. Life, and by life I mean teaching/school, got real busy!

In Australia, we are finishing up for the school year, saying goodbye to our current bunch of students. Marveling at the wonderful things they can do now that they couldn't back in term 1. Like write a full sentence that actually makes some sense :)

I whipped out some of my Christmas Writing Prompts to make use of their wonderful writing skills, as well as get them to reflect on Christmas in more depth. The pack has flashcard style prompts for free writing or brainstorming on the carpet, as well as journal pages to guide their writing.

First we used the "Meaning of Christmas" page. Here are some of their answers:

He wrote, "Getting presents. Jesus birthday."
She wrote, "Because we need to celebrate Jesus' birthday."
She wrote, "Because it is Jesus' birthday on Christmas."

A few days later I asked them, "What do you do on Christmas day?"
 She said, "I celebrate my birthday." Which is true, her birthday is Christmas Eve.
This girl said, "I woke up early and sometimes I go to Japan and we have fun there and there is even snow." Wishing we had a white Christmas here in Australia.
"I go to the beach."  
Yup, let's face it, I can dream of a white Christmas all I want, but this is what I'll be doing come Christmas day.

Speaking of all things Christmas. Check out this gift I got from a student today. Its a Darrell Lea Christmas Coconut Nougat Pudding. Divine.
I took a picture of me holding it for perspective - look how big that thing is!

Yum! Lucky I have a major sweet tooth!!

Stay joyful :)

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