Monday, 2 March 2015

Cupboard Curtains - Monday Made It!

Sprucing up your classroom on a budget:
I have a brand new classroom, in a brand new school... so a lot of little projects have been happening to get it looking cute and fabulous for my preppies. I have been restricted with a limited budget and supplies, and I know many others are too. I have seen others make them with cloth, but even that was too expensive/time-consuming for the time being! Today I'm sharing a really cheap and easy way to make cupboard/shelf "curtains" to hide all your resources from curious hands and prying eyes!

#1 First, you need to buy some plastic tablecloths. I brought mine from a cheap store for $2 a packet. I only needed 2 packets of each colour to cover 7 cupboard spaces.

#2 I kept the plastic folded in half and cut pieces to match the size of my cupboards. I cut them double the size so I could have a "curtain" look with folds.

#3 Then I rolled out a piece of duct tape. I used clear because that was all I had. But you could use black or any pretty colour and skip step 6. Make sure the sticky side is facing up.

#4 Begin to lay out the plastic, creating folds as you do so. You can just lay it flat as well if you want flat curtains. Make sure it only reaches half way up the sticky tape as we are going to fold it over later.

#5 Fold over the duct tape to secure the plastic.

#6. Fancy up the front with coloured duct tape or skip this step if you like it clear or used coloured duct tape in step 3. 

#7. Stick velcro dots on the back. I cut mine in half as the top of the cupboards was a thin area. Place the matching velcro dot on the cupboards.

#7 Viola! A really quick and cheap curtain to hide all your resources!

I make a rule in my classroom. If the curtain is down you do not touch. If it is up, you can use the resources in that cupboard. Works really well for early finishers, free play, morning work etc. 

Hope you found this useful!
Till next time, 
Stay joyful.