Friday, 16 October 2015

Five for Friday - 16/10/15

It's been a busy start to the term. Here's what we've been up to in Prep this week:

#1 - Vowel Surgery
We reviewed our medial vowels using Elizabeth Hall's Vowel Surgery pack.
They loved pretending to be surgeons fixing up their patients! 
vowel surgery medial vowels

#2- Vowel Mailbox
Later in the week we played Lauren Kuhn's You've Got Mail Game. They found this game so funny for some reason. They couldn't stop giggling every time they "posted" a letter. I didn't get a photo of this-sorry!

#3 Intro to Weather Unit
We started our Weather Unit this week. First we watched scenes from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and discussed what we thought "weather" was. 
To get into weather symbols, we went outside and observed the sky and I asked them how we would draw what the weather was like today.
To help them we played a matching symbol game. I gave someone a word and they had to match it to the symbol. 
weather symbol matching game
Then I let them choose 4 symbols to draw and have a go at labeling them. 
weather symbols
To take it one step further, we drew "weather patterns" using Down Under Teacher's Pack.
weather patterns

#4- The Little Red Hen
This week we started our mini book study on The Little Red Hen. 
We have been doing lots of work on finding word families we know in the text as well as learning the "ea" digraph in wheat, reap and eat. 
Here is our version of a craft I found off Pinterest. Good ole Pinterest!
The Little Red Hen Craft
The Little Red Hen Craft

#5- Texture Rubbings
In art we are looking at textures and mixed media. The Preppies had so much fun finding objects and seeing how they turned out on their paper after running a crayon over it. Again, I forgot to get a photo of this!

Well, that's how my week went. How was yours? Link up with Doodlebugs Teaching. 
Till next time, 
Stay joyful!

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  1. We love word to pic matching it's great to help the children recognise letters/words and then relate them to the matching picture/symbol! We also love working on the weather - the opportunities are endless when learning about it :)

    Teaching Autism