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Warm and Cool Art Ideas

Warm and Cool Art Ideas

Here in Australia we are entering Term 4 - our final term of the year. Time certainly has flown by!
It's been a while since I've blogged here, things got really busy. I was trying decide what my next post would be about when I came across a heap of old photos from our mini unit on colour in art last term. 
So I thought I'd share those:

warm and cool art

To introduce the unit I showed the class a few photos. I just typed in "Warm colour landscapes" and "Cool Colour Landscapes" into Google Images and selected a few good ones to show the class. We discussed the colours in each and how they made us feel. 
Then I labelled one Warm and the other Cool and gave students a sheet with 2 blank T-shirts on it. I got them to decorate one t-shirt using only warm colours and the other using cool colours. They were allowed to copy from the list on the board. 

Abstract Drawings

The next lesson also included revision of shapes and lines. We went over what we learned the week prior then I gave them all a black piece of paper and a black crayon. I gave them instructions such as "draw a small circle" or "draw a large square" and they followed. 
abstract drawing shapes

Then they had to draw straight lines that could join shapes together or join shapes to the edge of the page.
abstract drawing lines

Each child then choose a colour scheme and they filled in the shapes with crayons. 
abstract drawing

Warm and Cool Landscapes art
This was the culminating artwork of our unit. It also served as an assessment tool to see which students could work within a colour scheme and describe how the art made them feel. 
The first step was to paint the sky. They were told to choose warm or cool colours (and yes, there were a few who did every single colour because they wanted a rainbow in the sky, but at least they could describe to me why they chose those colours and how it made them feel...right?). 
The next day after they had dried we used watered down black paint to do the trees by blowing the paint through a straw. They LOVED this step!
warm landscape art
cool landscape art

Hope you get some ideas for your next art lesson! And I'll try not to leave too much time before my next post...
Till next time, 

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