Monday, 21 December 2015

Gift Tag Templates

It's that time of year when people seem to really pull out all the stops with gift wrapping. Each year the presents seem to more and more creative and beautiful. From the outside that is. 

I will admit, I have never followed through with any well made plans to decorate my gifts in a pin-worthy style. Sure, my boards are filled with great and clever ideas. They just never eventuate in real life. 

This year I decided to make one small step toward pin-worthy gift giving. Granted, Christmas is not all about the gifts, but I know how much I appreciate a well presented present. 

So this year, instead of writing the names in marker on the front, I decided to add a cute gift tag:

DIY Gift Tags

Now, my mission to find cute gift tags was a tricky one. I didn't want to spend much, but all the cheap tags are super tacky with santa's and reindeer motifs all over them. Not what I was after. 
So I made my own! Using my birthday present (Wacom Tablet) which has sat unused in its box for half a year now!

I wanted to share the tags I made with you too. You can get them from my TPT store here. There are 40 different tag templates altogether.

When you download them, they are just clip art. But print on pretty paper and voila! Cute gift tags!

DIY Gift Tags

Hope you find them useful this Christmas!
Gift tag template

Stay Joyful!