Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Top Ten Christmas Tree Crafts for Little Learners

 I've scoured the web, I've tried and tested. These are my all time favourite Christmas tree crafts for little hands to make this season. There simple yet effective. Enjoy!

top 10 christmas tree crafts for little learners www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

1.  I like this template because it has dots for little learners to know exactly where to put the paper and more importantly - the drops of glue! Less mess and stress is a winner in my book.  Oh, and it's one of my own so I'm biased 😀
2. This craft by Miss Kindergarten, combines art and literacy! How awesome is that!

3.This one by I Heart Crafty Things, uses recycled newspaper to create a unique Christmas tree craft. Using newspaper this way not only adds novelty to an otherwise basic craft, but students love working with different materials.

4. What kid doesn't love getting their hands in the paint? (Well, actually I can think of two of my students!). Originally inspired by Instagram, Michelle from Crafty Morning, explains this Christmas tree handprint craft.

5. If you have access to a hot glue gun, then this next Christmas tree craft is a stunner! I've made similar ones in the past, and they look amazing on a Christmas tree. Although the example uses sticker rhinestones, I used star stickers because that's all I had access to at the time.  Debbie, from One Little Project gives you a tutorial here.

6. Although the picture isn't great quality, I did this craft in my classroom last year and the students loved it. They love it so much because they are free to decorate their triangle however they want so they can be as creative or as plain as they desire! It's also great for making a effective classroom display, while teaching tessellation for older students.


7. Wool or yarn, is not often though of as a Christmas craft material. But, these trees by Easy Peasy and Fun, turned out really great!Hint: do a test tree first to figure out roughly how much yarn is suitable then pre-cut enough lengths for your students.

8. Paper plate crafts are everywhere. But, why not roll the plate to make a Christmas tree? Simple! This 3D project is by Creative Family Fun.

9. I Heart Crafty Things has already featured in this post - I can't help it, I love her projects. Kids love the fringe on the tree- something a bit different to create. Great for fine motor skills!

10. While many Christmas tree crafts are just a green triangle that the students can decorate, adding a peg as the stump is a brilliant addition to these cute creations from Housing a Forest.

Bonus - Why not make an edible Christmas Tree with your students/children this year? Of all the edible tree ideas out there, this one's my fav because once you've made the icing (let's face it you can even buy ready made icing these days), there is no more cooking involved for you, just let the kids create!

 Which one is your favourite? Which ones will you try out this year? Let me know in the comments below. 

Till next time, 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Craft Templates for Early Years

Christmas art templates for little learners www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

It's the most wonderful time of the year- unless you're a teacher and you hate glitter.

But, alas, glitter makes Christmas- well, Christmassy!
I've brought you some examples of how to implement my new craft templates for little learners-Christmas pack. Although the pack has 16 different templates, I'm just showing you a few ideas. 
And I promise some of these ideas have no glitter in sight, unless you love it then you go right ahead and sprinkle some on...

Christmas Angel:
christmas angel for little hands www.rainbowlilydesigns.com
For this cute and simple decoration, just print template , colour (optional), use q-tips to paint in the dots, then sprinkle with glitter before the paint dries. Cut out and hand around classroom or on even laminate and attach string as a tree ornament.
christmas angel step by step www.rainbowlilydesigns.com
You could also do the same but with sequins.
sequined christmas angel www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Christmas Tree:
easy christmas tree craft www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Print template, colour first (optional), scrunch crepe paper or tissue paper and glue onto the dots. Simple!
Christmas craft templates

Christmas Wreath:
easy christmas wreath craft www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Simply print, (I printed this half size-A5) paint with q-tip. Glitter optional (I chose no glitter for this one). Cutting this one out is a little tricky for little hands, so only get it cut out if you have a teachers assistant, parent helpers or if you are willing to cut them all out before displaying! 

Christmas Star:

Again with the glitter! Like I said, it really is not Christmas in the classroom without glitter! Print, q-tip paint, then sprinkle glitter. Cut and display. You could also print or back it onto card and make a hanging decoration out of it.

Christmas Present:

Not convinced I like the way this one turned out, but it might give you an idea. I coloured the dots with a wax resistant crayon then painted over. I used watercolour paints for this example and I usually use a paint dye mixed with water so it didn't contrast the crayon as well. :(

You could extend students with any of these crafts by asking them to write the name of the artwork, e.g "present" several times or complete a writing prompt such as "I would like to give/get....."

These are just some ideas, you could use dabbers, fingerprints, print poster size and do a collaborative artwork, use the punch outs from a hole punch. Really, the possibilities are endless. If you like these ideas and want to get started, grab the templates here

And let me know if you're a glitter fan or not 👍👎

Till next time, 


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fall Activities for Early Years

While it is Spring here in Australia, the majority of you that read this blog are from the Northern Hemisphere where it is Fall. 

Fall Activity Ideas for Early Years www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Here are a few activity ideas that you may be able to use this season:

Fine Motor:

Grab some pom poms and some tongs and this pack, where students can fill  templates with your chosen object. Just print, laminate and go!

fine motor practise www.rainbowlilydesigns.com


Possibilities are truly endless here, using the same pack as above (Craft Templates for Little Learners - Seasons-Fall), and any art material you want (think crepe paper, q-tips and paint, punch outs, sequins etc), students can quickly and easily create Fall artworks.These artworks can be left on the paper and glued into workbooks, cut out and displayed or even cut out and added to a mixed media collage. Print to size for an easier experience with scrunched paper or reduce to half size for q-tip paintings.

Q-Tip Templates for Fall

Art templates for fall rainbowlilydesigns.com

Crepe Paper Art for Early Years

Fall Art Ideas www.rainbowlilydesigns.com


Print out the cards and worksheets from the Leaf Snatcher Pack, and play a little CVC Rhyme Game to reinforce important early literacy skills. 

Fall themed game and worksheets www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Or, after using the craft templates, such as this candy corn, glue into scrapbooks and guide students to practice writing letters, words or even sentences about the artwork. 

Fall Activities Ideas for Early Years

If you like any of this ideas, get the packs this month on SALE. But only till the end of November!

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mothers Day Gift Idea for Prep or Kindergarten


With Mother's Day just around the corner I thought I'd share what my Prep class made their mums this week. 

I originally made these Bottle Blossom Trees a few years ago for an event my previous school. Click here to see that post. 
bottle blossom trees rainbowlilydesigns.com

Now, that I am teaching at a different school, I thought I'd re-use that idea to make a special artwork for Mother's Day. 

Students coloured in the tree stump and traced over the words:


Then printed using the bottom of a soft drink bottle. (Hint: You have to find bottles that have a flower pattern on the bottle- not all do).  
Viola! The finished artwork:


You could also make the "trunk" thinner and colour it green for a bunch of flowers.
We also made cards for our mums. 
First we marble painted onto white paper, and cut out a heart shape:
Then we assembled the card and wrote a special message inside for mum.


I'd love to hear what you or your students made mum this year. Comment below!

Till next time, 
Stay Joyful
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Friday, 8 January 2016

Australia Day Activities for Early Years


There's just one week before I head back to school, and 2 weeks before the students start their first week of the new school year.  I've been thinking a lot about activities and ideas for that first week back. This year, my preppies come for a day, then we have a public holiday for Australia Day, then they come back the day after for their second day of school.
Some years I will admit I let Australia Day activities slide because it happens before the students start, but this year I feel I have to do something. 
As this national holiday falls in the first week back, the activities have to be super simple and the content not to in depth.

So I've updated my best selling product- Australia Day Pack for Early Years. 

Here's what's inside:


One less thing to research/prepare in your first week back!



Just print and go! Many options to choose from depending on the grade level.


Simple and easy to complete- perfect for first week of school. 


Students can write for themselves in higher grades or teacher can scribe in lower grades.

And for a bit of cooking fun, I've included 2 Aussie recipes that you can make with your students as well.

Hope the Australia Day Pack for Early Years, makes your first week back just that little bit easier.

Head on over to my TPT store to download the pack for yourselves. 

Till next time,