Friday, 8 January 2016

Australia Day Activities for Early Years

There's just one week before I head back to school, and 2 weeks before the students start their first week of the new school year.  I've been thinking a lot about activities and ideas for that first week back. This year, my preppies come for a day, then we have a public holiday for Australia Day, then they come back the day after for their second day of school.
Some years I will admit I let Australia Day activities slide because it happens before the students start, but this year I feel I have to do something. 
As this national holiday falls in the first week back, the activities have to be super simple and the content not to in depth.

So I've updated my best selling product- Australia Day Pack for Early Years. 

Here's what's inside:

One less thing to research/prepare in your first week back!

Just print and go! Many options to choose from depending on the grade level.

Simple and easy to complete- perfect for first week of school.

Students can write for themselves in higher grades or teacher can scribe in lower grades.

And for a bit of cooking fun, I've included 2 Aussie recipes that you can make with your students as well.

Hope the Australia Day Pack for Early Years, makes your first week back just that little bit easier.

Head on over to my TPT store to download the pack for yourselves. 

Till next time,