Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Craft Templates for Early Years

Christmas art templates for little learners

It's the most wonderful time of the year- unless you're a teacher and you hate glitter.

But, alas, glitter makes Christmas- well, Christmassy!
I've brought you some examples of how to implement my new craft templates for little learners-Christmas pack. Although the pack has 16 different templates, I'm just showing you a few ideas. 
And I promise some of these ideas have no glitter in sight, unless you love it then you go right ahead and sprinkle some on...

Christmas Angel:
christmas angel for little hands
For this cute and simple decoration, just print template , colour (optional), use q-tips to paint in the dots, then sprinkle with glitter before the paint dries. Cut out and hand around classroom or on even laminate and attach string as a tree ornament.
christmas angel step by step
You could also do the same but with sequins.
sequined christmas angel

Christmas Tree:
easy christmas tree craft

Print template, colour first (optional), scrunch crepe paper or tissue paper and glue onto the dots. Simple!
Christmas craft templates

Christmas Wreath:
easy christmas wreath craft

Simply print, (I printed this half size-A5) paint with q-tip. Glitter optional (I chose no glitter for this one). Cutting this one out is a little tricky for little hands, so only get it cut out if you have a teachers assistant, parent helpers or if you are willing to cut them all out before displaying! 

Christmas Star:

Again with the glitter! Like I said, it really is not Christmas in the classroom without glitter! Print, q-tip paint, then sprinkle glitter. Cut and display. You could also print or back it onto card and make a hanging decoration out of it.

Christmas Present:

Not convinced I like the way this one turned out, but it might give you an idea. I coloured the dots with a wax resistant crayon then painted over. I used watercolour paints for this example and I usually use a paint dye mixed with water so it didn't contrast the crayon as well. :(

You could extend students with any of these crafts by asking them to write the name of the artwork, e.g "present" several times or complete a writing prompt such as "I would like to give/get....."

These are just some ideas, you could use dabbers, fingerprints, print poster size and do a collaborative artwork, use the punch outs from a hole punch. Really, the possibilities are endless. If you like these ideas and want to get started, grab the templates here

And let me know if you're a glitter fan or not 👍👎

Till next time,

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