Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fall Activities for Early Years

While it is Spring here in Australia, the majority of you that read this blog are from the Northern Hemisphere where it is Fall. 

Fall Activity Ideas for Early Years www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Here are a few activity ideas that you may be able to use this season:

Fine Motor:

Grab some pom poms and some tongs and this pack, where students can fill  templates with your chosen object. Just print, laminate and go!

fine motor practise www.rainbowlilydesigns.com


Possibilities are truly endless here, using the same pack as above (Craft Templates for Little Learners - Seasons-Fall), and any art material you want (think crepe paper, q-tips and paint, punch outs, sequins etc), students can quickly and easily create Fall artworks.These artworks can be left on the paper and glued into workbooks, cut out and displayed or even cut out and added to a mixed media collage. Print to size for an easier experience with scrunched paper or reduce to half size for q-tip paintings.

Q-Tip Templates for Fall

Art templates for fall rainbowlilydesigns.com

Crepe Paper Art for Early Years

Fall Art Ideas www.rainbowlilydesigns.com


Print out the cards and worksheets from the Leaf Snatcher Pack, and play a little CVC Rhyme Game to reinforce important early literacy skills. 

Fall themed game and worksheets www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

Or, after using the craft templates, such as this candy corn, glue into scrapbooks and guide students to practice writing letters, words or even sentences about the artwork. 

Fall Activities Ideas for Early Years

If you like any of this ideas, get the packs this month on SALE. But only till the end of November!

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