Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Top Ten Christmas Tree Crafts for Little Learners

 I've scoured the web, I've tried and tested. These are my all time favourite Christmas tree crafts for little hands to make this season. There simple yet effective. Enjoy!

top 10 christmas tree crafts for little learners www.rainbowlilydesigns.com

1.  I like this template because it has dots for little learners to know exactly where to put the paper and more importantly - the drops of glue! Less mess and stress is a winner in my book.  Oh, and it's one of my own so I'm biased 😀
2. This craft by Miss Kindergarten, combines art and literacy! How awesome is that!

3.This one by I Heart Crafty Things, uses recycled newspaper to create a unique Christmas tree craft. Using newspaper this way not only adds novelty to an otherwise basic craft, but students love working with different materials.

4. What kid doesn't love getting their hands in the paint? (Well, actually I can think of two of my students!). Originally inspired by Instagram, Michelle from Crafty Morning, explains this Christmas tree handprint craft.

5. If you have access to a hot glue gun, then this next Christmas tree craft is a stunner! I've made similar ones in the past, and they look amazing on a Christmas tree. Although the example uses sticker rhinestones, I used star stickers because that's all I had access to at the time.  Debbie, from One Little Project gives you a tutorial here.

6. Although the picture isn't great quality, I did this craft in my classroom last year and the students loved it. They love it so much because they are free to decorate their triangle however they want so they can be as creative or as plain as they desire! It's also great for making a effective classroom display, while teaching tessellation for older students.


7. Wool or yarn, is not often though of as a Christmas craft material. But, these trees by Easy Peasy and Fun, turned out really great!Hint: do a test tree first to figure out roughly how much yarn is suitable then pre-cut enough lengths for your students.

8. Paper plate crafts are everywhere. But, why not roll the plate to make a Christmas tree? Simple! This 3D project is by Creative Family Fun.

9. I Heart Crafty Things has already featured in this post - I can't help it, I love her projects. Kids love the fringe on the tree- something a bit different to create. Great for fine motor skills!

10. While many Christmas tree crafts are just a green triangle that the students can decorate, adding a peg as the stump is a brilliant addition to these cute creations from Housing a Forest.

Bonus - Why not make an edible Christmas Tree with your students/children this year? Of all the edible tree ideas out there, this one's my fav because once you've made the icing (let's face it you can even buy ready made icing these days), there is no more cooking involved for you, just let the kids create!

 Which one is your favourite? Which ones will you try out this year? Let me know in the comments below. 

Till next time, 

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